Hire through Applied Science Co-op

Five steps to a successful hire

Send us your job description

Post your job online, email your job description to apsc.coop@ubc.ca or post directly on PD Portal. If you have an account on the PD Portal, our self-service web-based portal, log in and post your position directly. You can opt to have Applied Science Co-op collect student applications through our portal or to route applicants to your company website to apply. Please include information about your company, details about the student work, and the skills and abilities students should have to succeed at the job. Your position will be posted on our PD Portal for approximately one week.
Questions? Contact our Business Development at apsc.bd@ubc.ca.

Review pre-screened candidates

To review applications collected via PD Portal please login to your account, and download and review the applications for your position. Let us know which students you’d like to interview. We’ll set up the interviews at a venue of your choice.

Conduct interviews

Interviews can be done at our campuses or your workplace, or by telephone or video conference. We will organize all interviews and send you an interview schedule ahead of time.

Candidate selection

When you are ready to extend an offer, please advise the co-op office who can then confirm student availability and extend a verbal offer. We use a continuous placement process, which means your offer will be made to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Employment confirmation

Your top candidate will have two business days to either accept or decline the job offer. If the student accepts, send us the offer letter and you’re done! If your top candidate does not accept the offer, please advise the co-op office if there is a secondary or tertiary choice to move forward with.

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Jan – May May – Aug (Summer)
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